January 19, 2009

here are some animal sketches, ive been refreshing my memory on some animal drawing lately.  let me know what you think. (feel free to critique)


Paulette Sorhaindo said...

Aww turtles cute! and the frog! and the bird! yep all cute.

kris.w said...

hey Tim, great sketches! very cartoony. i like how you weren't afraid to play with the proportions. i think your best ones are the ones with the fewest lines. quick sketches like that are always great. you know, just enough to capture what's going on. also, some of your drawings make me think of Heinrich Kley. do you remember him? you should google him. he did stuff like this:


anyway, you should also take part in our drawing challenges every week! not only will it keep your skills sharp, it'll give you something new to post on your blog often. in fact, the due date for the new one is tonight! check it out at:


tell your friends too, dude!